About Us

Our mission is to create products that moisturize the driest and most sensitive skin types. Along the way we promote and encourage the act of celebrating ones-self daily.

"I Celebrate The Sknimn Daily."

Our Core Values


Our products are made using high quality ingredients
and dense formulas that go a long way. This makes our products effective and affordable.


At our company, we encourage being your authentic self.
Who you are, inside and out is perfect! So, continue to be the real you. We
also want to remind you to take time for yourself whenever possible because your
well-being is important.


Staying transparent with our customers with things such
as our ingredients, is one of our top priorities.

Body Care Made Simple

Choosing the right skincare is overwhelming!

That's why our essentials are everything you need to keep your skin hydrated in and out of the shower.

All of our products are multi-purpose. This means you can use them from head to toe. You can use our scrub as a face AND body scrub. You can also use our oil or cream as a moisturizer for your face and body as well. Need a light layer of moisture? Use the oil! Need something more dense? Use the butter! We specifically chose ingredients that do not clog pores, but are highly moisturizing. We want to keep your dry skincare routine simple.

Our Founder

Erika Major

I've always had an issue with my dry skin and finding something that could relieve it for longer than an hour. And to be honest, my skin "down there" was especially dry. As recommended by my wax lady I started using oils on my skin and that began to work a lot better than lotion or any other creams.

In 2020, after losing my job during the Covid-19 pandemic, I had more free time on my hands. So, I began researching all the best oils for skin and decided to combine them together. I loved the results the oil gave me, so I shared it with a few friends, and they loved it too! That’s how my first product was born, Nourish & Flourish Body oil.

I named the company "The Sknimn" (the skin-im-in) because I want everyone to feel good in the skin they're in; physically and mentally. This brand is an extention of me so when creating it I knew I wanted its mission to encourage people to love themselves more.

The Ritual: "I Celebrate The Sknimn Daily."